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Cage the marketing pitch and break through the noise

May 12, 2011


I am tired of spam. Tired of incredibly pushy email promotions and products. Tired of infomercials. Tired of talking to people on Twitter that only want to sell to me. I guard my Facebook account because, unlike the other platforms, this is personal. I have pictures of my kids, my wedding, jokes I share with […]

is your spokesperson ready to engage with the media?

April 26, 2011


As always, let´s begin with strategy. The whole objective of training your company´s spokesperson is to position him (let´s assume he´s male) as a thought leader within your industry, create visibility for your brand and establish him as a Subject Matter Expert. To get there, you need to know a couple of things. The first […]

are you selling the social media ROI case?

April 23, 2011


I remember my days at Cisco Systems in 2007. It was all work and very little play, except I considered fooling around with Social Media my “play-time”. People would walk by my desk and wonder out loud why I used Facebook and LinkedIn, and never quite understood I was jumping on the inevitable bandwagon of […]

five basic points on developing an influencer strategy

April 13, 2011


Say you need advocates for your cause, how do you find them? When you are faced with a complex crisis situation that needs an immediate resolution strategy or when you are trying to get your opinion heard across many different platforms, who do you turn to? Often than not, you’ll randomly pinpoint friendly individuals to […]

finding balance for social media interaction: the human factor

April 12, 2011


Times have changed, no kidding. Social interaction only a decade ago was about face-to-face dialogue with so many dynamics attached to it. You were required to be a social entrepreneur and a “people-person”. You kept Rolodex cards. You had to dress to impress and your personality projection was just as important as your character. It was […]