About Diane

Communication is my specialty. I find that building an effective strategy around your communication efforts will yield positive outcomes for your business every time. Communication strategies ignite and develop dialogue between you and your target audience, investors and colleagues, while aligning efforts to reach your goals.

I am passionate about life and everything it throws my way. I have no idea what stress is. For some reason, life´s challenges simply don´t do that to me. I am over-analytical and sometimes a little on the obsessive side of the spectrum. I can think about an idea for days. I never take it personal and I sleep like a baby every night. Thank God.

I am a constantly searching for the holy grail of social media and communications. The secret formula that will make it all click. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Wish me luck and enjoy my blog.

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”. – Michael LeBoeuf


Strategic Communications Specialist.
Strategic Marketing Consultant
Internal Communications Specialist
Web Content Editor
Crisis Communications Advisor
Corporate Communications Consultant
Social Media Communications Consultant
Vertical Communications and Marketing
Strategic Communications and Business Development Coach
Client Relationships and Marketing Communications

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  1. Hola,
    Dame tù opiniòn de èsta, la solicitud de admisiòn a la U de mi hijo.

    Why Tufts?
    Tufts jumped out from the wall and “bit me”. I, at that particular moment, was consulting my possibilities for college education at my school´s College Advisor’s office and a saw a poster of the West Hall; I was amazed by the beauty and serenity of the image. That simple image, had me hooked, I became fascinated, I immediately began a thorough internet search and continued researching in that and other sources, following my investigation I was glad and enthused to realize that Tufts was compatible match for my anticipations of a college venue in which to pursue my career oriented educational aspirations.
    A definite attraction to me is constituted by the fact that the campus is located in the Boston area; this in itself, would provide me with a venue in proximity to a financial business center and shows great potential for investigating, and even hands on training in well established firms that could support and enrich my learning experience and curricular requirements for obtaining my Major degree.
    For obvious reasons, my first choice for location of a learning institution is abroad. This tied to my liking for travel is very special to me; I have always wanted to travel the world.
    In the strict sense of curriculum requirements, the Tufts Economics Department´s undergraduate program is as far as I can determine a perfect match to these requirements in addition to the prestige your university possesses.
    This prestigious program, in addition to what I consider personal aspirations as stated previously, presents in my view, a great opportunity to pursue my ideals, and makes Tufts a perfect place to begin my Economic Major studies.
    How the environment you were raised in influenced the person you are today?
    Since I was little, every part of my life has had some sort of influence in the person I am today. These influential experiences could be as simple as: a “day out”, with my friends or an emotional talk with my father.
    I was born into a middle class family, my parents got divorced when I was four years of age. Because of this reason, from an early age I was forced to develop a certain amount of independence and self reliance. Because instinctively, I knew that from then on, I wasn’t going to see my dad on a daily basis. The result was and still is growing up in a femininely dominated environment, that is, in habitation and co-dependence, with women only that is my mom and my sister, so I steered my own course.
    On the other hand, my father taught me and shared with me other male oriented interests and experiences, from him I have come to know and learn about things such as developing a good taste for music, a picky palate, how to shoot firearms, swim, drive, mechanics, etc. He has been my greatest intellectual influence and mentor.

    My friends although being a large part of my social interaction and personal character development, never really constituted or provided an adequate emotional support system; in reality, I have no such fallback position, so usually I am left to struggle with uncertainties and tribulations by myself. My friends have constituted the greatest overall, part of my life. With them I have really lived and shared most of my spare time, with them, I have shared experiences that are unique, late nights at wild parties, getting in and out of trouble with our parents, dating girls, trips to the mountains, etc., in fact, everything that makes up the fun part of life, the part which you share and the relish in future life, the part of life which can only be had with those special people, your true friends.
    This fact has brought me to understand and get to know myself more and more at each step of the way. Even though I tried not to be influenced by a female dominated home environment, I have in fact, been. I was in fact, unconscientiously conditioned to be extra sensitive, polite and considerate, not only emotionally but in everyday behavior towards others, regardless of their genre, as well; but this in fact, has been a plus, as it taught me how to relate and deal with other people´s emotional ups and downs and needs, thus preparing me for dealing since with delicate interpersonal relationships and situations.
    What makes you tick?
    What drives my life can be divided into parts. I have two different lives really, one that is focused on making money, and other on what to do with that money. My academic life pursues an enterprise where I am the owner and have many firms under it. For that dream I make my best effort in school and pursue economics and finance. My other life deals with what I want to do with the money. My creative personality makes me want to invent, imagine machines that do extraordinary things. I like cars, they are my passion, and I want to collect them. Food is another passion, I love to cook but I also love to eat, very exclusive foods that can only be found in certain places. I want to be able to travel, to own many homes in many places, where I can get to know the people, and become a local everywhere I go.

    Feliz Dìa Mama (atrasado)


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