keep it real guys…bad Twitter DM´s

Posted on July 6, 2011


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I wonder about Twitter etiquette and the courtesy messages you should send when someone follows you. I absolutely agree engagement is the way to go, but let´s talk about the quality and content of our engagement.

I have noticed many direct messages (DM) in reply to my follow such as:

  • Thanks for the follow! Please like me on Facebook and LinkedIn, Anything I can do 2 help u?
  • I made $800 yesterday from pc, check out how –click here – quitting my job now LOL
  • Thanks for the follow! Check out my leadership blog at click here
  • Hi there, thanks for the follow. Get to know me and what I do, please find me at click here
  • Thanks for following. Interested in a really profitable marketing activity? This one is very interesting click here
  • Hi thanks for following me. I have this FREE report for you. Get it FREE now at click here

What´s wrong with these messages? In theory, nothing. We´ve been hearing all these social media gurus tell us that we need to offer free stuff, be of value, and try to serve others to engage successfully.

But…these messages sound desperate! Clearly automated responses that push the “me” factor with a quick and dirty thank you. It tells me they never checked me out or bothered to see who I am or if we have anything in common. I wonder…Why don´t they go to my profile and comment on something relevant to me? Sincere reciprocity is the key.

Now let´s look at it from my end of the spectrum…I use a filter tool called True Twit for no other reason than to discourage spammers and autobots from following me, since I´m interested in a quality audience and not numbers. It´s a shameless automated service, but I love it because it requires you to verify your humanity . Do you know how many people respond in verification? Perhaps 35%. Now those are the people I follow back. I check their websites and blogs, I engage, retweet , comment and share. Funny I never get these messages from the verified folk!

I guess if you´re in show biz or politics, it´s a different scenario.  My case is not so dramatic. I only have one Twitter profile and I engage with real people. The automated messages I receive tell me the person I´ve chosen to follow doesn´t even acknowledge me or know I exist. The cyborg does all the work for them!

Let´s not leave our humanity behind to win the social media race. True engagement comes from caring and developing relationships…let me know your thoughts, and let´s make it matter!