10 death traps to your social media success

Posted on July 3, 2011


Frustration (was: threesixtyfive | day 244)

Image by Sybren A. Stüvel via Flickr

1.       Creating content that uses technical jargon and acronyms.
Write in plain English. Try to make it friendly in a global way so everyone can understand. No cussing please.
2.       Expressing your opinion.
Don´t expect to go viral about what you think unless it matters/relates to others. You´re entitled to your opinion but that doesn´t mean others will care.

3.       Not cultivating your audience .
Look at Jane Doe with 50 followers. She doesn´t work for CNN or Forbes, but she loves your product and shares it passionately with her friends. You need many Jane Does to become influential.

4.       Give up too quickly.
Social Media requires an effort.  Building your audience takes time and if you´re not patient and constant, well, you´ll probably shoot yourself in the foot.

5.       Making it all about the money.
Money can´t buy you love or make you popular on Social Media. If you are generating an audience or your credibility based on your power of purchase, something is very wrong.

6.       Not reciprocating.
Don´t you hate it when you write a direct message, retweet someone´s  news or share something with someone and there´s no reply/acknowledgement? Ever? To effectively engage you must reciprocate, within the first 48 hours if possible.

7.       Having too many obstacles to interaction.
How many fields of information do you need to enter besides your name and email to get something? Do you need to enter your Visa card number to use a FREE trial version of some software? Remove the obstacles!

8.       No value information
A no brainer. Deliver information that is relevant, insightful or that helps others. No one cares about the eating habits of your pet iguana or how much you hate Mondays.

9.      Underestimating who the influencers are
Influencers are not – by default – the ones with 1.5M followers on Twitter. Real influencers generate word of mouth and social media buzz that people listen to and share. Not the CXO´s of the world, but the nobody´s that became somebody´s in the SM revolution. Real people who listen and have something important to say.

10.   Not engaging enough.
Not enough time for Social Media? Only the unemployed spend so much time online? Not true. You need to make time for SM, only 30 minutes a day will do the trick. Find the time if you really want to succeed.