Study Reveals One in Four Couples Now Meet Online

Posted on May 14, 2011


QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, February 15, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ — The researcher heading up the study says “meeting singles online has become the norm”. Online dating is by no means a new way to date, websites like Match and eHarmony have been around since the 1990s, and have seen activity surge in recent times.

According to the Nielson Company, throughout December 2010, fifteen percent of all Internet usage targeted online dating services which amounts to twenty-four million people in the month of December alone.

Industry experts support the reasoning behind the online dating boom lies with the convenience associated with meeting new people. “Similar to trends throughout Internet shopping as a whole, shopping online for love and dates is much the same concept as buying our Christmas presents online, or booking seats for the big game.”

Chief researcher Diane Bishop, (relationships columnist and radio broadcaster) revealed that the extra attention online dating sites are receiving apply to all age groups as well as many smaller interest groups ranging from religion, gender preference and ethnicity. Ms Bishop also says people are tired of looking for companionship at bars. Other groups include many divorcees looking to venture back into the dating scene.

The general opinion that men and women are dating online because they can’t get a date any place else simply is not there in this day and age. Why don’t as many people go to their local retail outlet to buy a DVD these days, “Things change,” says Ms Bishop.

The researchers also duly noted that many online singles were making the mistake of not trying to meet other people offline. People who are seriously looking to meet the right person should not dismiss other traditional dating options and should do as much as possible to expand their social options, online dating sites being just one, Ms Bishop said.

“Instead of just going on dates, get your friends to set you up, look at alternate group social options and always be on the look out for singles events and parties. Wine tasting, salsa dance classes or anything you have a passion for.

“Probably the most important element to dating online successfully is paying particular attention to your profile. Finding the right person on the Internet is not easy. Always update your profile with new and interesting points, this automatically makes you more appealing and approachable, if you read a new book or go on holidays, update your dating profile accordingly.”

According to Ms Bishop, meeting someone through friends was still the preferred form of matchmaking given that the majority of single people place a lot of trust in their friends judgment.

“Facing a certain amount of rejection online is expected, however there seems to be less fear associated with online rejection as compared to the brutal reality of being dumped face-to-face, having access to so many other options instantly makes the recovery time of being dumped online much faster.”

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