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Posted on May 14, 2011


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Social media is fairly new to me. I´ve gone from being a simple user to some sort of sponge that absorbs the knowledge of experts in this field. I want to know how this works, what makes it tick.

So about three months ago I started to tweet again. At first, no one followed me and I really didn´t take it personal, I obviously don´t expect to position myself as an expert or thought leader overnight. But don´t be fooled, I do want to become a super user. Even though my incursion into the “Tworld” is recent, my learning curve dramatically projects upwards. I am taking every social media seminar, webinar, e-book, analytic report I can get my hands on. My family thinks I´m possessed.

So at one point, I had an average of 20 followers a day. I just couldn´t believe my luck! Who were these wonderful people and where did they come from? Most important, why were they following me? My motivation skyrocketed and the quality of my tweets did too. I was sharing information that was valuable to me and I sincerely hoped I was helping others navigate the social media oceans too.

I have over 400 followers now. By no means huge. The followers per day have decreased to an average of 7. So I start to drift my attention from personal growth to personal analytics. Who are my followers and what makes them tick? How can I generate tweets that will engage them and keep them loyal? This is what I discovered:


Before you go anywhere, start with your own Twitter home page. Check the number of Retweets and find out if your followers think you´re news is worth spreading. I usually tweet about 3 times a day, so I realize that if I want more exposure, I need to increase my tweets to 15 per day. Tweets are flash messages, so their shelf life is incredibly short. Once they are out, they live for about a minute or two before other people´s tweets drown them.

Twitalyzer is one of my favorites. It was free until January 2011, but for $5,00 a month you get the full report. Nevertheless, it will still give you these two parameters for free. Just plug in your Twitter username and vada-boom!

  • Impact Score, which is a combination of your number of followers, unique references and citations of you in Twitter, the times you retweet and are retweeted and the frequency of your posts.
  • Influencer Type, which places you in one of five categories: Everyday User, Reporter, Social Butterfly, Trendsetter or Thought Leader.

TweetMetrics (formerly known as TwitterFriends) is a great resource for solid metric analysis. It will also help you improve on your Twitter habits and increase your influence and visibility by pinpointing your common behavior metrics such as Conversational Quotient (CQ) and Links Quotient (LQ). CQ focuses on how many replies and conversations you´ve had while LQ measures your number of tweets containing links. It gives you a twitgraph with Twitter rank, CQ, LQ, Retweet Quotient, Follow Cost, Fans and @replies. In a perfect world, you should strive for a balance between all of these indicators.

TweetEffect  is a great tool that gives you some insight into why people follow/unfollow you. It goest through your last 200 tweets and instantly flags those that perhaps influenced your followers to stay or leave. Two things happen when someone unfollows you: First, you might not even notice. Second, if you do notice, you wonder why they left. And of course there are many reasons for people to follow/unfollow. But to me the main ones would be pushing your brand, profanity, vulgarity or superficial conversations. It´s a free service and all you need to do is enter your name.

TwitterSheep is also a fantastic way to determine what interests your followers and how they are branding themselves. If you have a large number of followers but none of them is getting value from you, chances are your conversation index is low and you might start losing them soon. All you need to do is enter your Twitter name and it will instantly generate a word cloud from your follower´s bios that will give you a clear indication as to who your flock is.

After using these tools, I´ve come to the conclusion that there´s much work to be done yet on my side. I´m developing a strategy to interact more with my followers, deliver the valuable content they need and integrate myself into the community to use Twitter the way it was designed for in the first place.

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