Cage the marketing pitch and break through the noise

Posted on May 12, 2011


Marketing Intelligence

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I am tired of spam. Tired of incredibly pushy email promotions and products. Tired of infomercials. Tired of talking to people on Twitter that only want to sell to me.

I guard my Facebook account because, unlike the other platforms, this is personal. I have pictures of my kids, my wedding, jokes I share with my friends, stuff I like. It tells everyone who I am. It´s a group where I feel I belong. Funny, but  I never accept people I don´t know.

Marketing wants to get into my Facebook account, invade my privacy and find out who I am and what I want just so they can sell to me. Because it simply doesn´t care about me as a human, really. I am just another worm in the can to use as bait for their brand. And that´s the real mistake because I´m no fool. And neither are you.

We are all saturated, and the noise is so loud we simply tune out. Like a kid that says “mom, mom, mom, mom” over and over again until you acknowledge him. Marketing is the same, and here´s the deal: When it stops pushing product and service and starts listening, it becomes less marketing and more engagement. Now, that´s value!

Everyone wants access to great info, people and recognition, all before they want products and services. People hate to be sold at.  If you can figure out what people want, half your work is done.


Focus on people. Not on yourself or your business. Focus on the needs of your customer, get to know them. Give people free assistance that helps them solve their problems. Focus on their core desires which never change, even though everything around them does.

There is something very attractive about a free download. A manual, a how-to guide, a way to tackle a known issue. They all represent value. Now take that value and just give it away. And no, I´m not making this up, if you give great info for free, people wonder how much more they´ll get if they hire your company to service them. By giving for free, you become trustworthy, you ask nothing in return, you are concerned with helping others. That´s the key.

Suddenly, you no longer need to hard sell. You prove your expertise by the content you produce, ideas you showcase, stories you share, people you attract. By building a platform to others you create strategic alliances, you quickly grow a large following and you dominate your industry.

I know it´s hard to imagine giving something of value for free. But think about it from the customer perspective, from YOUR perspective, what do YOU want? I know that I appreciate great valuable content that helps me grow and that I can share with others. I am sure people feel the same. So why not add a free white paper to your website? Why not do a video on how to tackle an industry challenge? Why not share something of value and give credit and recognition to those that helped you?

The new marketing twist is learning how to break through the noise. My last takeaway is to invest in quality content, not in traditional advertising. Make your business explode by caring and helping others and not by mass communicating your brand.


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