seven facebook tips that raise your visibility

Posted on May 10, 2011


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Social platforms have changed the way we communicate on every level. One of the most important developments in the past decade is the birth of Facebook. With almost a billion Facebook users to date and 30 billion pieces of content shared every month, ironically, this is one of the least utilized marketing mediums.

Facebook is a world apart. What we call News Feed Optimization (NFO) is in reality an SEO called Edge Rank. All content passes through a filter, where Facebook decides what is important for you based on the relationship you have with friends and fans, your media links and the time decay index, which means the life of your current post. And, crazy as it sounds, it´s different for each user.

That said, I have a few tips to share:

  1. Stats show that 80% of users that like your page or become fans of your site, will never go back to it again. They interact from the news feed and the like box only. This means you need to educate by sharing a very important tip with them: They need to check the feed options and select to receive posts from all friends and pages, which will make your updates and messages visible to them. (This is not the default setting by the way).
  2. Photos and videos get the most likes and comments.
  3. Make sure you post the complete URL´s in your posts. NFO likes the long version and gives it priority when updating the feed.
  4. Post a couple of times a day and if you are a brand, post every other day. There is nothing worse than spam, so make it relevant. Users will unfollow you if they feel overwhelmed by the frequency of your posts, especially if they add little to zero value.
  5. You will get 50% of likes to your post within the first hour and a half, so make it compelling and interesting. Short and sweet is the way to go as longer posts are not read. Fewer than 80 characters is the general recommendation.
  6. Syndicate your current blog to Networked Blogs, and share it with your friends. If no one reads your blog, does it really exist?
  7. The best time to post is Thursday and Friday, with brands engaging 20% higher when active outside business hours.
  8. Facebook ads have a higher ROI, more visibility and on the whole, experience more hits than your ad on Google. Think about advertising with them for enhanced visibility and increased traffic to your website.

Connecting with your audience has never been sweeter. And it will only get better. So when your company says Facebook is a waste of time, think about what your objectives are and make sure you don´t leave this option on the burner. It might just be a winner all around…

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