social media´s new competitive advantage

Posted on May 6, 2011


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During these past years, social media strategies at the business level have developed plans around the concept that consumers want to know more about the brand´s new products, and believe that interaction happens as a result of wanting to become part of a community.

Unfortunately, there´s a massive disconnect between what the brand believes the people want and what the customer really needs from you. When you want to find who your target is, think about yourself. Think about how busy you are, how you focus your energy elsewhere, what your expectations are and how much you hate spam and irrelevant content. This is the key to creating meaningful engagements on various social platforms.

The brand thinks customers want to learn about new products. They think customers want information about their brand, that they engage with them to belong to a community…well not really. Customers (again, think about yourself) want to add value to their search, downloading free information and taking advantage of discounts and promotions.  If as a brand, we continue to believe we can talk about ourselves and push our products or services, we are in for a bad trip down the unfollow lane. People need you to solve their issues, to help them make the right choices, to walk away from the conversation a better person.

Once the hype of social media implementation dies down and becomes a hard, cold reality, those brands not delivering value and meaningful content will disappear. If you become too concerned about SEO ranking and over-optimize your content to the point where it´s offensively promotional, your audience will stop following. The same happens with your tweets. If people do not find them valuable and relevant, your numbers will go down. There is just too much competition out there. Your meaningful engagement is now your market differentiator and your competitive advantage.

You need to create, post and share compelling content over and over. Keep it relevant and shareable, as you constantly compete for relevance and attention. Listen, learn and engage is the last takeaway.

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