the value of social community platforms

Posted on May 5, 2011


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The incredible growth of digital marketing over the past years has changed the way we handle our strategies. We realize people interact with other people, not with companies or entities. We´ve identified ways to reach our targets and to virally populate our brand across social platforms. Measurement is part of our success plan as we acquire customers, retain them and watch our revenue grow.

Our role as consultants or CMO´s in this new phase of marketing is to extend our message across a large number of channels simultaneously, leverage the technology to prove ROI and control the outcome.

The hardest part is going viral and managing control of your message and brand. And the key to this is obviously engagement. We need to start thinking about our company not just as revenue producing enterprise but the leader in a community. Our clients, suppliers and staff should constantly interact and take part in conversations that give value to each other, under the umbrella of our brand and sponsorship.

This effort to scale the message is crucial. It allows the community to become organically independent, enabling conversations between super users and the public while delivering the message for you. When we talk about reaching our target market, it becomes impossible to directly touch hundreds of thousands of people without this community support. By engaging the public you give value and importance to the super users, allowing them visibility and the digital footprint they need to promote their social engagements by making comments and populating your message across their own platforms.

In all stages of maturity, social business community platforms are the most important aspect of your digital strategy. Adoption of social communities at an advanced enterprise level makes all the sense in the world, as they are scalable and the crowd does the work for you. Let´s remember that customers trust opinions and comments from other customers more than they trust direct messages from the company or industry.  By allowing these conversations you gain credibility and increase the trust level of your clients.

Website integration is the top strategic priority for 2011. Social communities are the way to go!

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