are you selling the social media ROI case?

Posted on April 23, 2011


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I remember my days at Cisco Systems in 2007. It was all work and very little play, except I considered fooling around with Social Media my “play-time”. People would walk by my desk and wonder out loud why I used Facebook and LinkedIn, and never quite understood I was jumping on the inevitable bandwagon of the future of communications. And I consider myself a late bloomer for that matter. To many of them, it was a royal waste of time.

Several years have passed, and I can´t help but to chuckle at my co-workers who now have all kinds of social media platform accounts. The truth is I can only compare these moments to the ones when DVD first came out and replaced VHS. There was simply no going back, DVD was here to stay.  Some thought it was a fad (well, we know what happened now, do we?)…The same applies to social media. It´s here to stay.

We know than in 3 to 5 years, well, if you´re not using social media you´re going to be out of business. That simple. Your C-Suite might still consider this a hype, the truth is this is the way the world will communicate from now on and there is no escaping social media as the option for resolving crisis, updating your clients and fans, positioning your brand and having meaningful conversations around CRM.

So here are some points you may consider when talking to your boss:

  1. Social media gives you the chance to identify new customers. You allow the company to create a new inbound lead generation where prospects find you first, engaging with you before you even know about them.
  2. YOU BYPASS THE GATEKEEPER!! This is a big win. No more receptionists, executive admins or telemarketers. You can approach the decision maker directly…and this is priceless.
  3. It helps you with CRM; giving you exposure, credibility, customer share and brand awareness.
  4. People conduct over 6 searches a day. Which means that 93% of B2B buyers use search engines to begin the buying process, resulting in massive exposure coming your way thanks to SM.
  5. Tapping into Facebook is more profitable than Google. There are about 100 million status updates a day, generating 40% of FB fans of brands or services.
  6. Recruitment online is taking a spin: 80% of companies are using SM to engage potential hires and 90-95% of them use LinkedIn as a primary tool.

Personally, I can´t keep up. There are just too many developments and seminars and webinars that it´s virtually impossible to be “all there”. What I do know is that the more you engage, the more you know and the better you are at guiding your people down the social media route. Spend 30 minutes a day on it, use efficient tools to automate some of your work, get results that generate revenue and make it happen!

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